Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many cleaners will come to clean my home?
A. Usually one or two, as we have found that most customers prefer this. But if you’d like three or even four, that’s not a problem.

Q. Will my cleaning be done on the same day and at the same time every time you come to my home?
A. We can usually clean for you on the same day every time we come to you, but we are unable to guarantee a specific time. We do however make every effort to arrive at your premises within an hour of the scheduled time, but again we are unable to guarantee a specific time.

Q. Can you do my ironing for me?
A. Yes.

Q. Will I have the same cleaner come to my house every time?
A. We will always attempt to keep the same team cleaning your home, however we can not guarantee this.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. The entire mainland of the UK.

Q. Do you monitor the quality of the cleaning?
A. Yes, of course we do. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service delivery and our supervisors carry out frequent, unannounced spot-checks.

Q. Do I need to buy any special cleaning materials or equipment?
A. No. We can use your products and equipment but we generally use our own. If you have any special requirements or requests, please tell us.
However it is essential that an electrical supply is available at the property and preferably hot water too.

Q. Is there anything you don’t supply?
A. Yes. We do not carry bleach (for safety reasons) nor do we supply black bin bags. If you require us to use either, please leave these out for our cleaners. We also do not supply oven cleaning products unless you have booked a SPECIALIST/PROFESSIONAL DEEP clean of your oven and hob... for these we supply everything.

Q. Can you clean my oven?
A. Yes. However you will need to supply the oven cleaning product.
Please note that we DO NOT DISMANTLE OVEN DOORS.

Q. Can you DEEP clean my oven and hob?
A. Yes. In some areas we provide a professional oven and hob cleaning service at an extra cost.
Please note that we DO NOT DISMANTLE OVEN DOORS.

Q. If I have an allergy, can you still clean for me?
A. Yes, of course we can. We have special professional products and equipment to help with most allergy sufferer’s requirements.

Q. Do you clean carpets and upholstery?
A. Yes. We provide a complete carpet and upholstery cleaning service, excluding leather furniture. Please read our carpet and upholstery cleaning disclaimer, to which ALL customers agree when using our service, which can be found here.

Q. How long will it take to Spring Clean my home?
A. We know from our experience that a complete top-to-toe Spring Clean of a fairly well-kept three bedroom house can take around 12 hours; however, we will advise you of what can realistically be achieved in the hours you choose to book when we discuss your requirements.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, we are fully insured. But Mel’s Cleaning will not be liable for any liability caused by or arising out of or from: Damage to windows, articles of glass, china porcelain, earthenware, stone or other articles of a brittle nature.

Q. Are your cleaners paid the minimum wage?
A. No. ALL our operatives are paid considerably more than the minimum wage. We aim to keep our staff team happy and highly motivated; we believe that paying people the minimum wage is tantamount to robbery!

Q. How long will it take to perform an end-of-tenancy clean?
A. We know from experience that this can be the MOST variable type of cleaning that we do! Every property is different which is why we must inspect it before we can give you an accurate indication of our fees. Here are some recent examples... A complete deep-clean of an extremely filthy nine bedroomed student house can take over 30 hours, equally we have cleaned a six bedroom student house in Newcastle in under 10 hours. A top-to-toe clean of a small, and VERY dirty studio flat has taken 10 hours. What we can assure you of, is that you'll get a first rate clean as we are used to working closely with commercial landlords and letting agents and we can provide trade references on demand.

Q. Can you collect and/or return keys to an agent?
A. Yes, of course. However, the time taken to complete these actions will be deducted from the cleaning hours booked.

Q. Can I check your references?
A. Yes, of course you can. We have built up a very high reputation for both reliability and excellent quality, and many of our existing customers will be more than happy to provide references for us.

Q. Can you clean my home if I have pets?
A. Yes, of course we can. Many customers have dogs or cats and we are VERY experienced in managing your pet whilst we clean your house. We also have specialist vacuum cleaner attachments to deal with stubborn pet hair too.

Q. How do I book one-off cleaning?
A. You will need to call the main office number, 033 33 44 83 84 to make a booking if you wish to confirm the booking, we will require payment to be made in advance of the service being completed.

Q. Do I have to have cleaning every week?
A. No. You can have cleaning when it suits you. That can be weekly, every two weeks, monthly or as-and-when required. 

Q. What hours do you work?
A. We work when you need us. Most of our cleaning takes place between 0830 and 1700, Monday to Friday, but again, we clean when it suits you. Simply call us to discuss your requirements.

Q. What does domestic cleaning cost?
A. Unlike many of our competitors we make this crystal clear, we charge by the hour! And we charge exactly the same rate for ironing as we do for cleaning; this gives you the flexibility of being able to mix and match our services as and when you need them!

Q. How is cleaning priced?
A. This is easy to understand we charge an hourly rate PER CLEANER! This means that if, for example, you book four hours cleaning, this could be one cleaner for four hours or two cleaners for two hours each or four cleaners for an hour each.

Q. How do I book an end of tenancy student clean?
A. You will need to call the main office number, 033 33 44 83 84 to make a booking. When you call us we will go through the property details and your specific requirements so we can give you the best possible estimate. Please do not leave this to the last minute, as we are often fully booked.

Q. Can you clean the tops of cupboards and windows?
A. Yes, but ONLY when SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED for DEEP CLEANS or END OF TENANCY CLEANS and we MUST use our own ladders in order to comply with the Health & Safety legislation. If you need cleaning at height, this is not a problem but we will need at least 7 days notice so that we can ensure that we have the correct ladders (and trained staff) at your location.

Q. Why do you use customer satisfaction forms for all one-off cleans?
A. This is to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with the cleaning. Clients are required to walkround the entire premises before signing. A signed satisfaction form confirms that we have completed our contractual obligations and will therefore not subsequently consider complaints or claims of any type.

Q. What if nobody is available to sign a customer satisfaction form immediately after a one-off clean?
A. If you are unable to attend, inspect and sign off the cleaning as being totally satisfactory, using our customer satisfaction form, immediately the works have been completed it will be assumed that you are completely satisfied with the works completed and that we have fulfilled and satisfied our contractual obligations. You will be made aware of this condition when you book.

Q. Are your cleaners Police checked?
A. Yes. They must have a current DBS check.

Q. How do you know that the cleaners are on time and work the allocated hours?
A. We monitor the location of our cleaners at all times. ALL our cleaners are GPS tracked and must electronically log on and log off at every job. This is accomplished using an online app with GPS tracking that precisely locates the cleaners and both time and location stamps their actions. This data is automatically stored and can be checked for any discrepancies.

Q. Can you clean my office or shop?
A. Yes, we offer a commercial cleaning service. Please call the office to discuss your needs and to discuss pricing.

Q. What is an after builders and sparkle clean?
A. These are intensive cleaning services generally for contractors or developers of premises when the BUILDING WORKS HAVE FINISHED and THE BUILDERS HAVE LEFT THE SITE. Clients who book this type of cleaning when the builders are still on-site risk paying extra to call us back once the dust has resettled.
If you have had home improvements or the decorators at your home, you MUST book an after builders clean as the services you will require fall outside of the scope of our general domestic cleaning. For example paint, putty and mastic removal etc.
We are unable to use scrapers, abrasive materials or solvents to remove paint or other coatings from any surface.

Q. If I want cleaning, what do I do next?
A. Call us or email us.

Q. How do I pay?
A. Payment for ALL cleaning is made in advance either by using online banking or by credit or debit card if less than £100.00. We have a strict 'no pay - no cleaning policy'. We regret that we no longer accept cheques. The ONLY exceptions are works for Local Authorities and NHS recognised services.

Q. Can I read your Terms & Conditions?
A. Yes, simply click here to access these.

Q. Do you have a Privacy Policy?
A. Yes, simply click here to see our Privacy Policy.

Q. I want to work for Mel’s Cleaning, what do I do?
A. Please click here to view our current vacancies.

Q. What if I have a problem or complaint?
A. In the unlikely event that we have failed to provide a first-rate service you MUST contact the customer services team immediately by CLICKING HERE. Any problem or issue must be raised within 24 hours of attendance at the property. Please do not delay as there is nothing that we can do if you raise issues days after our operatives have cleaned your property. We take extreme pride in the quality of our service delivery and take all complaints very seriously and assure you that these will be investigated thoroughly.