How Do I Choose A Cleaning Company?

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There are many cleaning companies operating in the areas that we cover, so what should I look out for when deciding who to use?

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Do they have great references? Ask for two or three who have had cleaning for at least a year.
  • Do they have a clear pricing policy? Many firms will refuse to be drawn on an hourly rate… ask yourself why!!! What are they hiding??
  • Are their staff actually employees? In other words are the cleaners employed by the company or are they freelancers?
  • Do they have insurance? And what type of cover do they have?
  • Are ALL their cleaners Police checked?
  • Is their pricing realistic? No reputable cleaning company can provide cleaning services for less than £16.50 per hour per cleaner without cutting corners. It simply isn’t possible! Beware of firms who claim they can provide cleaners for £9.00 or £10.00 per hour… they can’t!!
  • Do you have a landline number for the company AND an address? If they have an Internet site it is actually illegal not to publish an address for any business.
  • What do they pay their cleaners? If they pay peanuts your cleaners will be monkeys.
  • Do all their cleaners speak word perfect English?
  • Do they have a Health and Safety Policy? And can you see it??
  • Do they have a telephone logging in and logging out system? How do they KNOW that the cleaners actually do the hours they claim to do?
  • Do they do regular and unannounced spot checks? Or do they simply wait for something to go wrong?

Feel free to ask us at Mel’s Cleaning these questions and you will definitely have a nice surprise, we are simply the best!

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